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Brioche Nanterre (dairy-free/vegan)

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If you want to avoid the calories of the butter, can’t have dairy or are vegan.
This version without eggs or dairy is as soft and moist as it should be.

(21cm/8.26in long, makes about 20 slices)

Ingredients: unbleached flour, sugar, yeast, vegetable oil, salt, soy milk
Contains: gluten, soy

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While the Parisian brioche is made up of two superimposed balls, the small one on a larger one, the Nanterre brioche is rectangular in shape, headless and topped with balls. The dough is divided into eight equal parts, aligned in two rows.

The brioche could have its origin as early as the year 451. The archdeacon of Auxerre brought eulogies – blessed rolls – to Geneviève. The custom was then taken to distribute to the canons of the abbey of Sainte-Geneviève in Nanterre small cakes with the imprint of the image of the saint.


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