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French Baked Goods

We offer traditional French baked goods as well as vegan and gluten free adaptations


French Taste Near Your Home

Located in Cape Breton, we offer traditional French baked goods as well as vegan and gluten-free adaptations.

Our values:

  • Customer care: we love satisfying your taste buds and eyes
  • Quality: we use quality, and natural ingredients. As well as local produce as much as we can
  • Authenticity: we are not bakers by trade but we work hard to offer you traditional products as we have them in our countries
  • Creativity: throughout the year we love making you discover special products and creations
tradi croissant

Order Online

Select your products directly on our website and meet us at our different pick-up locations.

Where to find us ?

We don’t own a storefront location (yet) but you can get our goodies by several ways :

Pick-up Your Order

Order on our website and pick up your order at specific locations only on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturday Or on Pre-order. Click to see the locations.

Online with delivery

Order our products on Food Hub and receive your order at designated locations or at home. Click to order on Food Hub.

Our Products

We propose a variety of products, hence we highly suggest that you pre-order in advance so you get what YOU want, the day you want it for. As we won’t have every single items at each market. 

Special Cakes


Crêpes and Galettes

Small cakes


Spread and butter


Interested in selling or using our products, we do wholesale too. We already work with Better Bite Café, Bungalow Beans and a few others. Contact us now 

Canelés de Bordeaux
French Apple Tart
Croque Monsieur
Valentine’s hearts
Galette des Rois
Swiss Brioche
Vegan Brioche
Sandwiches Take Out

Our Customers Feedback

Constantly striving to provide a great customer experience is hard work, but when our efforts are praised – it’s all worth it.

Customers who send us positive, constructive feedback are not only heartwarming, they’re also very important for our business growth. 

Here are what just a few of them had to say:



I was so happy to find these at the Mabou market. I have been enjoying all summer, but only read your website today! Lovely croissants with heavenly almond filling (my favorite). I used to work in Brussels where I was introduced to delicious treats like nothing I had ever eaten in north America. So glad you're baking here now.



The almond croissants are so fresh and amazing - the almond filling is perfection. Such a wonderful traditional French patisserie



I've been looking for a gluten free version of these childhood favorites and I was super impressed! They are so soft and delicious with just the right amount of lemon. I'm in love 😍

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