Elodie from France and Bart from Belgium, met in Australia in 2015 whilst working in a restaurant in Brisbane. Then, they moved to New Zealand and resided there for 3 years.

There Elodie managed a French Crêperie Bistro (she undertook a training as Crêpier in 2014, Rennes, France) and Bart managed a Bar & Restaurant, for 2 years.

They travelled Canada in 2018 and immigrated to Cape Breton in 2019.

Wanting to have their own business and not having any French pâtisseries on the Island, they decided that the safer way to start (with covid) was to create La Bel-France pantry.

Elodie started baking as a child and kept self-teaching pastry techniques. She was always the one making dessert for special occasions and family reunions.

They are both passionate about putting smiles on people faces with food, expanding the pantry and want to share it with Cape Breton.

We offer traditional French baked goods as well as vegan and gluten free adaptations”

Bart came up with the name, La Bel-France, which is a wordplay with BEL(gium)-France, and it sounds like “La belle France” meaning “The beautiful France”.
Elodie invented the logo as she wanted something that reminded her of where she grew up, in Provence (the South of France) as per the traditional apron.

Thank you all for your support and welcomes !